Feminism 02, 2020
Issue de Chère Liberté, éloge au Pardon, 2020

Untilted, 2020
Issue de Chère Liberté, éloge au Pardon, 2020

After an intense research threw family archives and my own experience in this chore named family, My work enrolls a documentary approach of the female body representation
and an intimate writing. I present you today a diary tending
to deploy a time relation threw a photographic, literary and performative process.

Dear Freedom, a Praise to Forgiveness is the story of a young girl becoming a woman threw a hidden past and cultural heritage. Born from an iranian muslim mother and a Jewish father I tend to deconstruct an imposed subjectif feministic relation and transgenerational characters.
I perform trapped in a bedroom turned into a theatre
for my différent roles. It is a fragmented story and a performance of physical behaviours
as a tool for forgiveness.

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