Your name has always been cloud yet perhaps it ought to be snail, 2021

Notes found from the ground;

Kalapuikot tms pakkasesta
Leipää Jaanalle
Jotain herkkua illaksi itselle
Oulalle kauramaito

Fish fingers or smth from the freezer
Bread for Jaana
Some munchies for myself for the evening
Oat milk for Oula

Anteeksi kaikesta mun aiheuttamasta melusta. Nytten käyttäydyn hyvin ja 
kunnioitan mun naapureita. Yst terv, Asunto 10

I apologize for all the noise I have caused.
Now I will behave myself and respect
my neighbours. My best, Apartment 10

I was collecting traces of people I have never met
a proof of life that happened elsewhere, here
I was looking for temporary shelter,
to make myself at home in imagined memories
that did not belong to me, only
Perhaps as I began imagining,
the the traces of memories became somewhat shared,
mine and someone else’s elsewhere, here

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