Self portrait in the green, 2020

We only need one, 2020
Before the corona lockdown we were in Ikea with my girlfriend and I saw this salad spinner which I wanted, because I hate soggy wet salad. We had been talking about maybe moving together, but she was hesitant because she had been single and free all her adult life. Since I was going to buy one, she was thinking should she get one too. I replied "we only need one" which sounded maybe strange, because we were not living together, but we didn't take much notice and forgot about it.

Then came the lockdown and we spent a month in my apartment. We ate salad often and enjoyed using our great salad spinner. Summer came and we were at my girlfriends place and making salad, we didn't have the spinner and she started talking about moving together, because then we would always have the spinner ready at our home. So now we live together, thanks to the spinner.

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